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Release 0.3.0 - 2015 Colorado Harvest Stats: Elk & Deer

Parsed and loaded 2015 Colorado Deer and Elk harvest statistics from the @COParksWildlife.




Release 0.2.0 - Harvest Dashboard & Social

This is the first release with direct feedback from the facebook community!!!!!



bear countdowns draw elk deer

Release 0.1.0 - Draw results

I know the Big Game deadline for applications is coming soon, better late than never?

I've loaded Elk, Deer and Bear 2015 Draw results.


  • DRAW RESULTS - see how the draw went last year: success rates, leftovers etc.
  • COUNTDOWNS - Take a look at important upcoming dates.


Release a.0.6

Ok, first off the 'a' in a.0.6 means alpha. As in this is the first version of this app and I need feedback so I focus on the right features.

For a while now, I've been researching my options, I've wanted to add a blog for general communication with the user base. Well, last week I was spent three days volunteering for the #CBA (Colorado Bow hunters Association) at the ISE in #denver. After seeing numerous talks, talking to hunters about hunting and talking to vendors about products I realized it was time to create the blog.

In the future, I'll be posting when I update the site and find other interesting hunting related stuff.


  • blog: admin creates a blog post
  • blog: admin deletes a blog post
  • blog: add twitter feed to blog
  • blog: details
  • blog: admin publishes a post
  • blog: admin unpublishes a post

I'm new to hunting and after countless hours of practice & research, spending copious amounts of money on gear I thought I was ready to hunt. Oh, wait where are those dang Elk anyways....

As a software developer this is my way of giving back to the hunting community for all the great work that is done whether it be comradery, land conservation, species protection etc.

I'm always interested in feedback from hunters so take a look around and let me know what you think using the feedback form


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  • release 0.3.0 #colorado 2015 #elk & #deer harvest data from @COParksWildlife https://t.co/8n6zWbnE0K
  • release 0.2.0 improved harvest search & donation links https://t.co/Rm4eMlfpdX
  • release 0.2.0 is ready! included: harvest search improvement, ability to donate and social links. thanks for the feedback @COParksWildlife
  • a teaser to whats coming, #harvest search improvements #elk #colorado @COParksWildlife https://t.co/nJrlNdvJVh